When I first moved to New York to go to graduate school at Hunter College, I got a temp job working for the AICPA (American Institute of CPA's).  There I learned one of the very first word processors.  A big dedicated system where they kept the machines all together in a separate room.  It was there that I did a few works with tongue twisters and with the Gertrude Stein poem, "A Rose is A Rose".  


However today the technology is so advanced.  I am doing a series of books using the repetition and various patterns I find when I play around with a Tongue Twister on the computer.  


Please take a look at the musical videos below which show many of the patterns that will become the books.

For more information about my Tongue Twister, please see Projects.

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Here you can see my older work and read more about the history of my work, method of Offset Lithography, Offset Prints and Collage, Artist Books, Concrete Poetry, and other works.  There is a complete set of videos illustrating my books of Tongue Twisters/Concrete Poetry.


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