My work has involved patterns and repetition for most of my artistic life.  The "tongue twister" is a good base to explore both.  In some ways I find it very close to music, not only in the sound, but in the theme and variations that I create.


Below are some random images from "Betty Batter Mixed a Batch of Bitter Butter".  Please see "Concrete Poetry" for videos of each tongue twister.  


I have also produced a set of books for each tongue twister.

FRANZ MEYER OF MUNICH, public art competition.  Design, mock up



Bologna, Italy

Siracusa, Sicily


Drawing on Tile 

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Here you can see my older work and read more about the history of my work, method of Offset Lithography, Offset Prints and Collage, Artist Books, Concrete Poetry, and other works.  There is a complete set of videos illustrating my books of Tongue Twisters/Concrete Poetry.


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