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Doing the work on the offset press really sharpened my understanding of color (thank you Kenneth Bates for your very excellent design training) and awakened something that I now think defines me artistically...pattern. 

My later work continues an exploration of pattern.  I have a series of geometric works using graphite to create pattern and cutting and weaving pattern into the paper.

My most recent work is the work is done on rice paper, using a plastic cut-out of a motif I created by blackening in squares on graph paper.  Then I used a pochoir technique with water color and/or sumi ink, to paint individual squares  while I randomly turned and flipped the stencil, creating a fabric like image..  Again patterns, patterns. 


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Here you can see my older work and read more about the history of my work, method of Offset Lithography, Offset Prints and Collage, Artist Books, Concrete Poetry, and other works.  There is a complete set of videos illustrating my books of Tongue Twisters/Concrete Poetry.


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